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Monday, 7 April 2014

My new "more-ish" emails that will not satiate your or my needs, coutesy of Wigan library!

Heads-up for everyone: The library here is rubbish and we don't get very much email time, so I may not be able to respond to emails every week! Sorry everyone! :(

This also means my emails may be shorter and a little less sarcastic (in true Sister Martin fashion!). I'll do my best!

Everyone was alive with the spirit at conference:
Highlight of conference was an older lady who fell asleep during a session and was snoring SOOOOOO LOUD for over an hour! Hellloooooo awkwardness! Sister P struggled through the whole sessions, trying to fight back fits of laughter! Memory making is the best!

New word of the week, brought to you by a pack of crisps:
The word of the week is: More-ish!

Definition: an adjective; describes a food that you want to eat more and more of.

Use of word in a sentence:
"These crisps are so more-ish!" -- Sis. McD
"?????"-- Me

My warmest welcome came from my new mobile phone:
Our missionary phones may be ancient, but they at least got this nifty feature where you can have a welcome message show up when you turn on your phone! Super duper!!

I went to go see what our new phone had for it's message. The following appeared: "I am from America and I want a burger". Minus the America part, I have to concur with this message. You really cannot find a proper burger in England (luckily, they have many other foods that are very "more-ish", which makes up for the lack of greasy, All- American burger goodness).

Me being the patriotic Commonwealther I am though, could not help but change it. Our phone now says: "Sister Martin was here! Go Canada! I want (real) bacon and maple syrup!"

My sarcasm has successfully corrupted another soul:
I was kind enough to point out to a member that throughout my whole life, my family and I have had a habit of making general conference interesting by picking out the funniest singing faces in the choir! I couldn't help but notice that the member was snickering when the camera panned over the face of one of my favourite faces (bulging eyeballs and fish lips). Another Molly Mormon has been removed from the ranks courtesy of me!

Wigan is great!
The end.

Just kidding!...I'll tell you why! We are literally a 1 min walk from a massive bus station, a 2/3 min walk from town (shopping! Helllllo!), a 4 min walk from the train station, and a 7 min walk from the library! Our house is clean and new-ish! This area is MASSIVE (I would compare it to covering the whole city of Surrey for my BC people!)! Our area map covers an entire wall! I AM SO EXCITED! So many people to potentially talk to! NO SHEEP OR PEOPLE FROM SCOTLAND (I have nothing against Scottish people...I actually love them! We just don't get to teach them--they get passed to Scotland mission--which is sad for us)! So much work to do here! I am going to be busy and very happy! Let the work begin!

Anyways love you all!
Hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!

Xoxoxoxo Sister Martin

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