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Monday, 28 April 2014

I am boring! Booo me! Someone grab the tomatos (*pronounced English way) and start throwing them at me!

So it has been one of those weeks. Wandering between one cancelled appointment to another! It happens! We move on, wipe off the rain-drops and keep smiling, laughing and spreading the wonderful word of Christ! So to everyone's utter shock and amazement, I actually don't have a whole lot to say about this week! It has been a boring week!

......I know! Jaw drop! Boring and Sister Martin don't even fit together naturally in the same sentence. But it happens and that means that there is so much excitment and silliness built into my system that next week will be absolutely insane!! :)

We can liken Numbers chapter 22 unto.....
Shrek? Yup! That is what I heard the elders and a member whisper behind me as we were in Sunday school yesterday. We were studying the chapter in Numbers where the donkey talks to Balaam. All I heard behind me was "No way!! Just like Shrek!". And I proceeded to then burst into laughter! I love finding humour at church at totally inappropriate times!!

I wasn't kidding! That is the only joke/story of the week! I guess I can update you on the work a bit (for once). Can't get to detailed (personal stuff is personal ya know?) but we are teaching a few investigators! Yup! There you go! Detailed report of the week! We are working hard and loving it! The work grows here and even though finding people to teach is a hard task, my faith is still growing in the midst of all the no thank-yous!

I love you all! We are so blessed! Never forget it!

Hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!
Sister Martin xoxo
Sister Pongi and I being silly

My rapper gear (union jack for the win)

Proselyting at the River Ribble (we had a couple of layover hours between exchanges in Preston so we street contact at the river for a couple hours)

Soaking wet!! 

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