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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Erika finally made it...

I'm alive....barely :) So as I'm sure you probably saw, my Vancouver flight did not go so well. Long story short, my 16 hour trip turned into 25 hours, and my flight schedule got changed 5 times! Fun!! I can now safely say that I'm a pro flier now! In a nut shell, I got stranded in Minneapolis (they couldn't reschedule my ticket from Chicago to England, because that ticket was with American 1st two flights were Delta flights). Heavenly Father sent me an angel though, who pulled some strings to get me on a plane (even though I wasn't supposed to be put on one). So I went from Min to Chicago, to London, to Manchester; now I'm here!

I'll tell you more on P-day (Wednesday). Already love it here! So excited.

Love you,