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Monday, 24 June 2013

As Winnie the Pooh would say, everyday here is a "blustery" day!

Ok! I decided to email 1st and read emails later this time, so I don't run out of time to bore you with the details of my mission ;)

Wow! I've almost been here a month! Unbelievable!!! After a month here is my description of England:
- As Winnie the Pooh would say, everyday here is a "blustery" day! You pretty much experience almost all 4 seasons every hour here. Rain-wind-rain-sun-wind-wind-lots of wind and rain- sun- freezing cold- so hot you almost die- wind-wind- rain. It keeps you on your toes!

- The people here definitely are tough when it comes to religion. I kept being told that this would be a difficult mission, and those people were right. BUT, fortunately for these people, I am stubborn, and like to talk, so THEY WILL LOVE ME!! Haha

-They have the best yogurt ever (there's this yogurt called corner yogurt. It's seriously the bomb!! I'm never going back!) and the best chocolate ever!

- I LOVE IT! I love England. I love the ward members here sooooo much! I love the accents (note the plural; there is no such thing as an "English Accent". There about 2 billion English Accents). I love the people. They are polite, and kind, and caring, and I LOVE their sense of humour! When I think of England, I just think of the word LOVE!

It has been a very difficult week. My patience has been tried so much! I don't know if I mentioned it, but we are white-washing this area (meaning that there haven't been missionaries here for a longgg time- 5 yrs in our case!). We arrived to an empty area book, and have been literally building from the ground up. Every second of our day is filled with either appointments with members or finding on the streets and at homes. BUT I have been so happy it almost hurts! I can't explain how fulfilling it is to work until you have nothing left, and then having to rely 100% on the Lord to get through the day. Your faith grows so much, and you just that everything you are doing is so important. It is truly such a blessing to be here and to be doing this work!

What a week! So last p-day, the funniest, strangest thing happened. Sis. Shchur and I were sitting in our flat at 5pm, eating fish and chips to finish off p-day, when suddenly we got a text from the sister we taught last week (the real housewives of Orange County sister). She texted saying that her boxing club was having a medal ceremony for some of their high level athletes who won some major competitions over the weekend. The former professional boxer/well respected coach who was supposed to present the medals was stuck in London (delayed flight) and couldn't make it, so they invited Sis. S to present the medals. Let me tell you, that was the funniest call I think anyone's ever had to make to President Preston. He and I were laughing our heads off, while poor Sister Shchur was just embarassed out of her mind. The President loved it and told us to go and have fun! So off we went. Sis. Shchur got interviewed by the newspaper and got her picture in the paper with it. She was treated like a celebrity there. One coach even asked for her autograph! They gave us some doughnuts to thank us for coming (CHA CHING! Free food for a missionary is like the biggest blessing ever!!!). Fun fact though: being a sister missionary in a gym full of shirtless, sweaty, teenage/young adult males is AWKWARD! I was very happy to leave at the end, because while my companion was away from me for the ceremony I kept having random guys try to talk to me.

The Car! So we finally got the car back (we drove a courtesy car to our area my first day, which they took back the next day. Our actual car- the one the elders crashed- was in the shop FOREVER). The lame part: we only had the car for 5 days! President told us that a senior couple would eventually need the car, so we were not to get too comfortable having one. He originally thought that wouldn't be for another month and half, but plans changed. So we had 5 glorious days with Hermana (figured it was a good, exotic name for a sister missionary car). I am good at driving here now thank goodness. After about a day and a half of driving, and driving tips from the members here, I now can drive comfortably on English roads. I must admit though, I still hate how narrow the roads are here! I nearly wet myself every time I have to pass a car!

We met with Sister “C” on Tuesday. She has been having a really tough time and hasn't been to church in ages. She opened right up to us, and pretty much told us her entire life story (all her issues, her conversion story) without even being asked to. She's struggled with self-esteem issues really badly (I would almost call it self-hate) and has gone in and out of activity due to being offended by people at various times. Just like our meeting last week, I don't know where my words came from. I was able to share some scriptures with her about enduring to the end. More importantly, I was able to share a testimony of the importance of the atonement. That because of it our weaknesses can become strong. That we are hurting ourselves by not going to church. And a whole bunch of other things that no email could ever describe properly. We were all in tears. She tearfully acknowledged that it was time for her to come back to church. And she did! It was such an incredibly sacred experience. I love how the Lord spirit works! It's absolutely mind-blowing!!

I was able to give another BOM (Book of Mormon) away this last week. I know 2 BOM's in a week doesn't sound like a whole lot, but in this area- trust me- it is! Slowly making progress.


Since we've been whitewashing, we've had no one to teach. We desperately search every day, but have had no luck yet. Last Sunday, the bishopric gave us a list of names of members who had moved into the ward, but had never been seen or heard from. It was our job to find them and work with them to eventually get them to church. After tracting for 5 hours straight (with no luck), we decided to check on one address before we had to go home (we had already gone there 3 times). A man answered the door, but it was not the member (we don't know what happened to him). This man's name was Kalid. We started talking to him, and he was so prepared for the gospel it wasn't even funny! He has studied so many different religions. He has a strong belief in Jesus Christ. He prays every day and tries to repent daily as well. He used to be into alcohol and drugs, and used Jesus Christ's atonement to free himself from that life. He loved everything we were sharing and booked a return appointment that night. Last night (Sunday) we had our first discussion with him. It went well. He has already been reading the BOM we gave him and really enjoyed it. The idea of having the proper priesthood made sense to him, and the concept of the apostasy and the restoration also made sense. We started talking about baptism for him. He has barely started reading the BOM so he wants to learn more from us and from studying the BOM, but he understood that he needs to be baptized down the road once he has a testimony from reading of the BOM. He kept saying that before he met us that he was trying to change his life and didn't know how. We came at exactly the right time in his life and he recognized that HF had sent us to help him make that change. We meet with him again on Wednesday. I hope that it will go well and I pray that his testimony will begin to grow. What a blessing Kalid was to me! It gave me the motivation to keep on working hard. You never know when you'll run into those who are ready for the gospel.

We just found out this morning that we will be covering two areas now. The other ward (Wrekin ward) does not have sisters and they really badly need to us work with them, because they have a large number of single sisters. So we will be even more busy now! I'm excited! I will be exhausted BUT this will mean 2x the referrals, 2x the opportunities to bless the members, 2x the blessings, and 2x the amount of personal learning/growth I will experience!

We got to be in the annual Wellington village parade on Saturday! It all happened within the course of a few mins. We (the Telford elders and ourselves) were originally supposed to just come to the Wellington carnival and run a table for the church (where people could learn more, talk to us, get BOM's, pamphlets etc.). They needed people to help in the parade last minute, so we tossed on some helping hands shirts, and got to be in the parade. So fun! Unfortunately I have no pictures though, because we thought we were just coming to run a booth. The carnival was fun. It was pouring rain and windy (of course). What a fun day!

A highlight/lowlight (all at once) of the week was our trip to Bolten. Sis. Shchur had a family she taught getting baptized out there Saturday night. Bolten is just over a 2 hr drive from us and out of our area, so I really got to test my driving skills out!! The baptism was beautiful! 6 people got baptized. They were all Iranian, so the entire service was in Farsi. The sacrifices these people made to be baptized is phenomenal! If anyone these people knew back in Iran found out about their baptisms, them or their family in Iran would be killed, imprisoned, or seriously injured. We couldn't take any pictures, because of this! Despite this, they all wanted to still be baptized! Their faith is so inspiring. There were so many missionaries at the baptism, and it was so nice to see the result of those Elders and Sisters' labours! This baptism inspired me to work harder. To have more faith! The drive to Bolten was fine, but the drive back was a different story. 1st off, we almost got killed by a lorry (semi-truck) joke. Like almost died.... I was driving in the left lane on a motorway (in England, the left lane is the slow lane on the highway), going the speed limit, minding my own business. Suddenly a massive lorry starts changing lanes...into us! I almost swerved off the road. The crazy part. He starts honking his horns, tailgating me, and flickering his high beams at ME! He almost hit us, and killed us, and he was road-raging at us! It was terrifying! Then on the way home, the major motorway that we needed to get back to Telford was closed. So we had to take a detour that added an extra 1h20mins to our trip. So we didn't get home until super late! It was so frustrating and scary, as the detour took us through the back country roads. It was super rainy,super dark, and the roads were extremely narrow and windy; I was very uncomfortable driving them. The fun part though. We got special permission to sleep in until 8:30am because we got in so late. Sleeping in on the mission is unheard of! It was heaven sleeping in!! :)

A very english dish that I tried and actually was shocked that I liked. Mushy peas with chips (french fries). We had fish and chips at a family's home, and they gave me peas to have with my chips. I was so weirded out by this, but I smiled and took a bite. Never thought that combo would work. So there's your fun fact of the day!

A strange tender mercy I received this week. I was having a tough afternoon, and we were out finding in town center as usual. Suddenly an old man called out to us and asked if we could take a minute and sit with him; he said he gets lonely and no one talks to him. His name was Steven. He's 74 yrs old and lives in a home, but gets to spend the day out it town 2x a week. He said he has no family. There's no way to put it but he is crazy. Something isn't quite right with him (I think he may have some kind of mental disorder, or maybe just old age). He babbled on for 25 mins about how he went to a Catholic boarding school and the nuns were mean and used to rap his knuckles with bamboo rods. He sang an old Catholic hymn for us. He asked about our missionary work (he kept thinking we were nuns....he didn't like nuns because of his boarding school days haha). He did this all in a super loud (almost yelling) voice, including the singing. It was so awkward. So why is this a tender mercy. It just warmed my heart. Steven was so thrilled that someone would talk with him. He asked if we would see him again (we're going to try!). He was happy that someone cared about him. I got a little taste of what Heavenly Father must feel for all of his children. It brought me joy to make Steven's day a bit better.

I'm super nervous today. We met a polish man named Remek, and my companion volunteered me on the spot to teach him English. I have no clue how to teach English. I'm kind of freaking out. I may have to do this more, because we often meet  Polish people (there are a lot of them here in England) who don't know much English. Pray for me! I'll need it!

Love you!!!!!!!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Erika has already managed to give the "finger" or should we say fingers!!

Some experiences from the MTC I didn't get to share with you because I didn't have a full P-day last week:

Fun fact I discovered. Korea and career sound the same when you say it in an English accent! So when our district teacher was trying to tell us a story about how the career counselors came to his high school and told him he should be a children's entertainer (a clown) when he grew up, it made for a very confusing/hilarious story!

Bro Rojas and Bro. Llyones 
(my district teachers and basically my fav people on planet earth!!)

Another fun fact! My last name sounds so much lovelier in an English accent!! I'm never going back to the Canadian version of my name!

I discovered that I say the word basically.....a lot. During one of my mock lessons, my investigator (my district teacher) commented that I say basically a lot. I had said it 5x in one sentence. From that point on, my teacher made it a point to insert the word basically into every single sentence he spoke when I was around (I'm 100% serious.....not exaggerating). He ended up getting my entire zone in on the fun, so my whole zone would constantly come up to me and say "basically" sentences left, right, and center! Since this teacher and I dedicated 99.9% of our time together teasing each other and throwing sarcastic remarks back and forth, this really wasn't anything out of the ordinary!

Sad fact. I was one of the only missionaries in my zone, who had, had fish and chips before! So sad! I guess I take for granted the beautiful fish-filled ocean that we live so close to at home! From that experience I have concluded that people from Utah are deprived! How can you have never had fish and chips?!!! Such a pity!

Amazing epiphany I had at the MTC:
I know what you're thinking.....this is going to be a super inspiring, spiritual discovery that Sister Martin had. Nope! I discovered that one of our room-mates, Sis. Tebao (the girl from that crazy awesome island in the Pacific Islands that I can't spell!) is RAPUNZEL!! As part of her culture, she has never cut her hair. So her hair literally touches the floor! I knew this already, because the 1st day we met she took her hair out before bed and our jaws dropped to the ground, BUT it wasn't until a week later that I made the Rapunzel connection. I took an amazing pic with her, where she's on the top bunk bed, with her hair draping to the floor, and I'm on the ground, posing like I'm the prince calling for her to let down her hair. Will send that pic home asap!

That's BASICALLY a high-light reel of my last week at the MTC! I loved it there! There was not a second that I did not enjoy!! I made some wonderful friends there, who I'm excited to continue my friendship with after our missions are finished! I'm especially feel blessed that I was given such an amazing companion! Sister Cochran is the bomb! I think her and I spent more time laughing than learning about the gospel! What a blessing she was to me!

 I'm officially in the mission field!! Crazy!! So basic info to start. I'm in the county of Telford. Specifically staying in the village of Wellington. It's beautiful here! So different from Canada! The homes are so.....charming...there's really no word for it! I love England so much!!!! My companion is Sis. Shchurr. She's from Eastern Russia (very close to China and Korea). She's very quiet and conservative and of course English is her 2nd language that she just learned a few months ago, so I'm very much craving girl-talk (or any talk for that matter!!). BUT she is very kind and I'm grateful for that. She was a boxer in Russia, and apparently was really good (competed at the national level). She is a bit older, 27. Her story is kind of cool. She was converted 5 years ago. Some missionaries found her mom at a bus stop, invited her to English classes at the church. Her mom brought Sis. Shchur and her sister along, and all 3 were baptized a month later. Sis. Shchur has 4 brothers and a sister! Big family!

Anyways! My car adventure. So right after I got assigned my location, the AP handed me car keys and told me that I would be driving to our area (which is 3 hours away). My companion doesn't drive. He handed me a SATNAV (english word for GPS), wished me luck, and left. I proceeded to pee my pants (because I was so terrified), say a prayer, and then enter the tiny little car (everyone drives small cars here)......on the wrong side of the car. I got into the passenger seat. Good start!

To sum up, the driving did not go so well. I had never even seen an English roadway yet (because up to that point we had only travelled by charter bus). We got sooooo lost! I had no idea what the speed limit was! There aren't stop signs here, so I had no clue what to do. It was a nightmare. With time I'm hoping I'll master the left-side of the road deal! Til then, please pray for me to get through this transfer alive!!!!!

Our flat is super nice. It used to be a senior couples flat!!!!! It's huge! Which is rare for a missionary to have!!! Very spoiled :)

My 1st dinner appointment was nuts: It was with the Hoar (Jr.) family (they have the best last name ever...and they know it!). So we were at Bro/Sis Hoar senior's home and were supposed to get picked up (our car was in the repair shop at that time). A car pulls up and they ask us if we were Jehovah's witnesses. It was Bro. Hoar. He is a jokester! So we get in the car, and it's Bro. Hoar and 2 non-member friends! We proceed to pull through the KFC drive-through to pick up our dinner! Awesome! Weird fact: people here LOVE KFC (or at least they do in the village of Hadley!). During dinner Sis. Hoar asked me how long I've been on my mission. As I lifted up 2 fingers, I responded "only 2 weeks". With that, they all started roaring with laughter and starting waving 2 fingers at me going "How many weeks Sister Martin??!" Yes. I had just given them the English version of the middle finger! I was sooooooooo embarassed! I almost died!! But they have a great sense of humour and thought it was the funniest thing ever. They kept saying to me that night, "I bet you didn't think you would have met 2 Hoars in one night (*as they waved the English middle finger at me)".

Right before we were about to share our spiritual thought, Bro. Hoar stopped us, and informed us that Leigh- one of the "non-members" at the dinner, was actually an RM (served in Birmingham). They had been messing with us all night! The Hoars are officially my favourite family! Leigh is already a great friend and is planning on going on a lot of splits with us!

Every Friday night here, the Telford ward has a sports night. We attended our 1st one last Friday and had a blast! The ward members here are soooo excited to have sister missionaries and are basically lining up to book us for tea (dinner) appointments! Sports night was great and we had a blast playing volleyball and table tennis.

On Saturday, all the missionaries in our zone (Newcastle zone) got to go to Stafford to help out with country-wide youth activity. They had tons of inflatable obstacle courses, those sumo suit things, etc. There were 400 youth there! It was crazy! It was really nice to see some of the missionaries from the MTC and hear all their crazy stories from their 1st couple of days.

 I placed my 1st Book of Mormon on my 3rd day! We were walking down high street (almost every town in England has a high's basically the place in town where all the shops are located. Seriously looks like Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies! So cool!) and I approached a lady named F... I was able to talk to her for 40 mins. She gave us her life story. Very tough life. Her dad recently committed suicide. I was able to share my testimony of the BOM and she easily agreed to read it. We read a bit from the BOM and then talked about the plan of salvation. We're hoping to be able to meet with her soon to set up an actual, formalized lesson. I basically conducted this entire conversation on my own, because F… has an incredibly thick accent (I think she's from somewhere around Liverpool), so my comp. had no idea what she was saying the entire time!
Experience with a woman who has been a lifelong member with quite a few children, but went recently inactive: She called us the 1st day we got here, and wanted to set an appointment up asap! She came to pick us up and she looked nothing like I expected her to. She could have been a mom on the real housewives of orange county! Bleach blonde hair, fake tan, wearing a skimpy dress and 6 inch stiletto heels, picking us up in a BMW convertible! I must admit, I was a little surprised! Long story short, she talked to us for almost 3 hours. Pretty much gave us her life story! She basically realizes that she's not happy and needs the church back in her life. We had an incredibly spiritual experience as we shared a message of the restoration, (to remind her of the basic doctrines that she once believed). The spirit was so strong. I was saying things I never thought I could. I was really bold. It shocked me. I basically promised her that if she would come back to the Saviour, that she would be blessed. I referred to that quote from one of the last general conferences....don't remember who said it...basically the quote that said "If you have marriage problems, talk to the missionaries. If you have financial to the missionaries. etc.". It was a powerful moment as I told her that if she will listen to us and work with us, that we can fix the unhappiness in her life. I can't describe the spirit in the room at that time, or the words that were coming out of my mouth. It was mind-blowing. Anyways, we will be working with her a lot and hopefully repairing the damage that has occurred in her family.

Other random missionary things: I love street-contacting! I find it super fun to talk to random people on the streets and hear their stories! We've met tons of weird, crazy people, but they're all great! I also am really good at door-to-door tracting. Only thing I'm not great at is bus contacting. I hate going to people on the bus/train and trying to talk to them. But I'm working on it and get better day by day. Anyways, my computer is about to time out. I'll write more next week. Please pray for seriously, why aren't you on your knees praying right now??! HAHA I need prayers!!!

Love you!!!!

Sister Martin (aka Sista Maaatin)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

...and Erika is driving on the wrong side of the road!!

I only have a couple of mins to email. We're emailing from  a members home and have  to run off to an appointment soon.  By next  week we should have a library card and will then have a couple hours to email.  So my new area is Telford. Our flat is in a lovely little town called Wellington. It was a senior couples flat   previously, so it's wayyyyy nicer than the typical missionary flat!  My companion is named Sister Shchur.  She's from Russia. She's super nice!  She's been out here for a year. I'll be able to tell you more next email.

Quick story to make you laugh!  So after I received my assignment and companion,  I found out that we had to drive to our flat (that's 3 hrs away)....and that Sis. Shchur does not drive. GULP!!  The elders basically handed me the keys and said good luck, and sent  me on our  way (no driving  lessons). I  have never even seen the roads properly before (because up til then we only travelled by bus). We went out for a practice drive, got super  was kinda terrible haha. The roads are sooo different here. There's no stop signs; there's some almost unwritten rules of the road here that you just  have to know. It  made for some great  memories!! I was so scared...but  in a sad way was hilarious! With time I'll  get better at driving  here!

Anyways, that's all for now. I  promise you'll get some amazing emails next week. 

With love from the blustery, windy Wellington.


P.S.  I'm whitewashing!!! GULP!! Should be fun!! 

A note from Erika's Mom:
Telford is about  1 hour and 45 minutes  south of Manchester and is actually about 35 minutes to Birmingham (which isn't part of Erika's Mission) and Wellington is about 10 minutes west from Telford.  I am sure the first drive did take them 3 hours since they had no idea where they were going and Erika had to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road.  It is exciting though because she was hoping to get a least one area where she could drive In England and it has happened already for her.

Whitewashing:  To bring two new missionaries in an area where neither of them know anyone.  Most times when a transfer occurs one missionary from the area stays and just gets a new companion. This should make for some fun driving adventures for Erika over the next couple of weeks as she learns to find things!

Sister Martin & Sister Shchur

President and Sister Preston with Sister Martin

Monday, 10 June 2013

No P-Day for Erika this a very short letter


Sooooooo bad news!! We don't get a P-day this week. We leave the MTC bright and early Wed morning (6:15am), therefore, no P-day for us this week. I only have about 5 mins on the computer.

I still absolutely LOVE the MTC! My experience here has been incredible! Almost all the missionaries I've met here have had some kind of emotional crisis (home-sickness, questioning if they want to be a missionary etc.). I feel so blessed that I've had none of that! I've just loved every single second here, and just crave for more! I've love all the lessons we teach everyday! All the lessons are absolutely nuts because they purposely give us the most night-mare cases to deal with, but I think it's so much fun! It gives me the chance to find the humour in life!

I have so many amazing spiritual experiences to share! And even more HILARIOUS experiences to share! I'll have to be the fastest typer ever next week to squeeze in 2 weeks worth of amazing experiences!

Love you all so much! Always praying for you!

Love Erika 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 1 complete...luggage finally arrived and Sister Martin is in HEAVEN!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Holy jetlag!!! What a week!!
Now that I survived the horrendous 25 hour trip here (1 delayed flight, 1 changed flight, and 2 missed connections later), and got my lost luggage (spent my 1st 3 days here without any luggage), things have been smooth sailing since!

I LOVE THE MTC! I'm learning more than I EVER thought possible! I just crave for classes to be longer; they're so fun and I have so much more to learn! The food is awesome! The MTC/temple grounds are gorgeous! The spirit is so incredibly strong here!! My teacher's are the funniest people alive! I was born to live in England! The sense of humour here is exactly like mine (enough sarcasm to kill a person!). Basically my days consist of my teachers and I taking sarcastic digs at each other at a million miles a minute! My district teachers and I have been having fun doing accent swaps during class...I speak English, and they speak N. American for the class!

My companion is Sister Cochran. She's from Brigham City, Utah (big shocker!!! haha). She's super awesome and we get along amazingly!! We do mock lessons a few times a day, and we often have disagreements on how to approach certain investigators at times; mainly because of the different experiences we've had with her growing up around members, and me not so much. Luckily we both communicate super well so we always manage to talk it out and find middle ground. Her and I are the biggest goofs ever and spend most of our long days just laughing our heads off.

Our roommates are Sister Hansen and Sister Tebao. Sis. H is from St. George Utah, and Sis. Tebao is from Kurabis (no clue how to spell it! It's an island in the Pacific Islands....way cool!). They're both super nice! It's been interesting living with Sis. Tebao. Huge cultural differences! Her English is amazing! She is the funniest girl ever and I love her to bits!

I seriously do love the MTC. It's beautiful! We're exhausted ALL of the time, but it's a great feeling! It took me a couple of days to get over the jetlag but I'm doing ok now. My teachers are Brother Lloynes and Brother Rajas. They're both recently returned missionaries (served in Greece and London South) and incredible teachers! Funniest people I've probably ever met too! My district is the Ammon district. There's 5 sets of companions in it. (2 sisters, and 3 Elders). All of our district comes from Utah or Alberta, except for Sis. Tabeo and myself! Our elders are quiet, but are the sweetest boys ever! Actually our entire district is really quiet, except me! I'm the chatty, sarcastic one in the class ha ha!

There are 18 sisters here and approx 25 elders at the MTC right now. It's so nice having such a small group of sisters, because we all know each other so well! We're all becoming great friends, and have a blast chatting away as we all get ready for the day together in the toilet (not washroom!! haha). A highlight of the week was going for a jog down a little running path by the MTC; it takes you down a channel, which has the cutest little houses bordering both sides of the channel. It looks like it comes out of a picture book!!! So charming!

Our lessons are interesting. They actually have video cameras in the rooms where we teach, so we get to watch our lessons after we've taught them. Excellent way to analyze areas we need to work on! Our mission pres. is President Edwards. He's served as an area seventy in the Phillipeans, and as a mission president in Zimbabwe! He's so incredible, along with his wife!!

Things are definitely a bit different in England! I'm still not used to the cars on the wrong side of the road! I'm still getting used to the lingo (toilet, rubbish etc.); with time I'll adjust. A ton of the sisters swear that I'm already picking up a bit of an accent....but then again, they're American, so maybe it's just that they're mixing up my Canadian accent with my supposed English accent. Guess we'll see if I end up with a weird, hyrbrid accent at the end of the 18 months.

I can't think of anything else to type......such limited time, my brain is freezing trying to think what else. Email me with any questions if I missed anything super obvious!

Til next P-day!
Sister Martin :)

Her District:

Her room-mates - Sister Martin, Sister Cochran, Sister Tebao and Sister Hansen

Preston MTC

Sister Martin

Sister Martin - England Missionary Training Centre

Sister Martin and Sister Cochran

Here they are again...

View from her MTC bedroom window

View from the MTC cafeteria

She's a Missionary!!