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Thursday, 13 June 2013

...and Erika is driving on the wrong side of the road!!

I only have a couple of mins to email. We're emailing from  a members home and have  to run off to an appointment soon.  By next  week we should have a library card and will then have a couple hours to email.  So my new area is Telford. Our flat is in a lovely little town called Wellington. It was a senior couples flat   previously, so it's wayyyyy nicer than the typical missionary flat!  My companion is named Sister Shchur.  She's from Russia. She's super nice!  She's been out here for a year. I'll be able to tell you more next email.

Quick story to make you laugh!  So after I received my assignment and companion,  I found out that we had to drive to our flat (that's 3 hrs away)....and that Sis. Shchur does not drive. GULP!!  The elders basically handed me the keys and said good luck, and sent  me on our  way (no driving  lessons). I  have never even seen the roads properly before (because up til then we only travelled by bus). We went out for a practice drive, got super  was kinda terrible haha. The roads are sooo different here. There's no stop signs; there's some almost unwritten rules of the road here that you just  have to know. It  made for some great  memories!! I was so scared...but  in a sad way was hilarious! With time I'll  get better at driving  here!

Anyways, that's all for now. I  promise you'll get some amazing emails next week. 

With love from the blustery, windy Wellington.


P.S.  I'm whitewashing!!! GULP!! Should be fun!! 

A note from Erika's Mom:
Telford is about  1 hour and 45 minutes  south of Manchester and is actually about 35 minutes to Birmingham (which isn't part of Erika's Mission) and Wellington is about 10 minutes west from Telford.  I am sure the first drive did take them 3 hours since they had no idea where they were going and Erika had to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road.  It is exciting though because she was hoping to get a least one area where she could drive In England and it has happened already for her.

Whitewashing:  To bring two new missionaries in an area where neither of them know anyone.  Most times when a transfer occurs one missionary from the area stays and just gets a new companion. This should make for some fun driving adventures for Erika over the next couple of weeks as she learns to find things!

Sister Martin & Sister Shchur

President and Sister Preston with Sister Martin

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