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Monday, 10 March 2014

I'm not going to LIE, it has been a crazy week filled with cakes and pancakes!

Another week of being sick! But the sun continues to shine on beautiful Carlisle and it gets warmer by the day!! Something that any English missionary is eternally grateful for!!! :)

Not much to say this week! Lots of partying on our end, as we ate about 50 birthday cakes and were blessed with visits from many members! I feel so loved here! It is so uplifting to know that I have so many friends (here and at home) who show their love in such caring ways!

Quote of the week:
American elder talking to Australian elder:

American: "Elder!? What is it like inside of a kangaroo's pouch?! Could you sit in it?"
Aussie: "Eww no! It's all slimy and gross in a pouch! The kangaroos are practically still a fetus when they are in there!"
American: "So do you think you could raise a human baby/fetus in a kangaroos pouch then??! It would kind of be similar to Tarzan when he was raised by gorillas, but different!"
All of us: "Disgusting! You are crazy!"

Sister McD LOVES Air Guitars!
That is a lie! She actually hates them. Like Sister Riley's biggest fear/gross out was chalk, Sister McD's is air guitars! She squirms and freaks out when people do them. I discovered that it is hilarious to chase her around the flat with an air guitar! She just screams and begs for me to stop! It is now my favourite passtime to chase her around with an air guitar, singing acoustic versions of hymns screamo style! :)

Sister McD LOVES our N. American Lingo!:
This is NOT a lie! :) She finds some of our words hilarious. Her favourite discovery of the week?: That we call the chemists a drugstore. She pointed out that calling a shop a drugstore makes no sense, as the chemist sells a whole variety of things AND just the simply fact that it sounds incredibly dodgy! I ate to admit that I completely agree with her!

I love pancake day.....and am never eating another pancake again!:
This is a partial lie! I will eat pancakes again one day...maybe! They have a pancake day here.....legit! But I have never been fed so many pancakes (with maple syrup of course!!) in my life! I can now officially say that it IS possible to OD on pancakes and bacon! Every person we saw on pancake day fed us pancakes! Pancake OVERLOADDDDD!!!!

"Did you know that it is impossible to crush an egg in your hand?":
This is a lie! One of our elders proved this in a grand moment of incredible brilliance! We were making pancakes (BARF) at our district meeting, which of course was on pancake day. Our elder grabs an egg and boldly declares his fun fact of the day: "it is impossible to crush an egg in your hand!". As he says this he is squeezing the egg as hard as possible in his fist! SPLAT! The egg explodes and squirts directly all over the beautiful white curtains that are hanging in the chapel's kitchen! FACEPALM!!! Safe to say, the elder spent most the meal desperately trying to scrub egg out of the curtains, as we lovingly.......refused to help him and laughed at him for being so silly!   .....just kidding! We did help!....After we laughed at him for a solid 10 minutes!!

I am a spoiled missionary!:
This is not a lie! I had a wonderful birthday! "I'M FEELING 22!!!!!!! Oooooh Ooooooooooh!". Pictures from the first party are attached! :) I was treated like a queen!!  Sister McD was away on exchange for my birthday, but OH BOY did she make up for lost birthday time when she returned! :)

This birthday party was put on by a wonderful family in Erika's branch that recently joined the church.

Love you all! CTR! Remember who you are and who you represent (*insert any other cheesey catchphrases that would be appropriate now!). Sorry for the lame, short email this week (I will do better next week when I'm not in post-sickness, post-Mormon missionary birthday hangover mode!)

I hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!
Sister Martin :)

I wrote this poem while I was super sick! I feel it is very inspired. It reflects so many of the lessons I have learned out here and my dreams/visions regarding the potential of the EMM and the missionaries in it. I hope it uplifts you all :)

Fast paced life kills slow paced ways.
Sincerity, love and compassion fades.
The light of new knowledge, replaced by dim voids.
Life's symphony is rushed in a whirr of noise.
How can I slow earth's rotating sphere?
To bask in its melodic rays-- things only God's hear.

Quiet, calming peace is found,
As selfless labours of love abound.
In the hastened patterns of daily choice,
We are defined and love finds voice.
The war may wage, but we control the pace,
As we heed the commander's echo: "Stand fast in our faith!"
No matter the calamity, how trying life's grand plights,
Unfaltered, I find surety in God's symphony of life!

When the tumult of ragged doubtfulness tears unborn dreams apart.
As the enemy fashions footholds in the crevice of deviant hearts.
Think of all your fellow kin, comrades in this desperate race;
Together never cease to hear the guide of the conductor's pace!
With sonorous voices united, you can drown out the tempter's sounds,
Replace clamour with the clarity of His melodious eternal rounds.

Ascend past limitations, that are bound by crooked laws.
Failure to renew resolve breathes reality to flaws.
Vision stems from hope embedded in the base of fear;
Allowed to grow it shatters doubts of the suffocating, self-critical sneer.
The groan of mankind's shortfalls, fill a valued, foundational role,
In the stirring psalms of perfect love our composer has foretold.

Angelic strains of holiness that captivate and allure,
Breathe peaceful tunes unveiled in time -- so intricately pure.
Then a haunting lonely base note, ignites a depressive wave,
That beckons the audience to question, the direction the conductor gave.
Unphased the conductor leads the mass -- the contrasts intertwine.
As the climax builds, the ears behold -- His timing was divine!
Through soulful tears the crowd shouts out: "Bravo, play it again!"
With a humble bow the conductor sighs: "It never has to end..."

It matters not how many ears are receivers of your voice.
Greater men of fewer words cause many to rejoice.
It all began with vision! One passionate soul believed!
And never eased his desperate clasp on all for which he dreamed.
With resources scarce, and faith unbound, he mused with all his might,
Refused surrender to cynical men that lacked his omniscient sight.
Through the bustled saturated streetways, his sonatas fought to be heard.
Too busy to hear -- they fell on deaf ears -- but still, he was not deterred.
He knew his gift could remedy their paltry, limited ways:
"Until they learn to listen, I'll never cease to play!!"

As darkness descended, a concluding note, enveloped the desolate street,
When out of the dark a man appeared and cried at the muscian's feet.
"This morning I felt abandoned, as I kneeled in my meagre abode.
Life's burdens have caused my will to live to rapidly erode.
With a soul decrepit from heartache and all hope for redemption fleeting,
I cried to my maker for purpose, and begged Him to hear my pleading.
Desperate I set out with the intent to satiate my need for relief,
And found sweet solace in this song that spoke to me in my grief.

There are certainly more who silently cry in need for consoling words.
If I join you in this righteous cause your songs will be better heard.
I lack the refinement and eloquence that you naturally seem to own,
But as faith and desire help me change, my skills will gradually be honed!"
There were sour notes and stretched out strings; to learn was a laborious task!
But with diligent study of each small fault, his mistakes did fail to last.
As each day passed the man did find change deeper then foreseen,
He changed the way he saw the world; he could feel life's symphony!

Their serene and soulful songs of care resounded in men's blind hearts.
With each crescendo the masses were moved and desired that they could take part.
The humble muscian's supernal vision was finally taking its flight!
He always knew behind life's clouds there were glorious rays of sunlight.

These struggling beginnings flashed through his mind as he rose up from his bow,
With fire he imparted a stirring address to the vast, adoring crowd.
"Do not forget this moment! Where you heard and felt your dreams!
These defining moments of daily life are greater than they seem.
For when we learn to stop and hear the symphony of this world,
New passion to live life meaningfully is rapidly unfurled.
Learn to love the ups and downs that paint life in contrast!
The crave for gain from lowly states helps motivation last.

Leave this place united! Let your vibrant voices resound!
From sharing inspiration, life makes eternal rounds.
Weakness finds its virtue in the vow to try and change.
Instilling hope in others, will fuel this valiant aim!
Stand up! Cast off the limits! Of colourless, sombre routines.
Purposefully living your days in faith will unlock your far-reached dreams!
Hold fast to your grand purpose! To help life's symphony spread.
And know that as you stand in faith: 'It never has to end!'" 

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