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Monday, 7 July 2014

Haunted houses and home improvement!

Hi all!

So another quiet week in Chorley! It is a quiet and very small area so unfortunately this may result in some boring emails in the next while (when your area is only 2 streets in size, not much exciting happens). We are starting to work a lot with the members here so that is exciting! It is an incredible ward and we are hoping that once the missionary spirit spreads among the members that we will see some change and progress!

Baby highlight reel starts..........NOW!:

Indecent December!:
So Sis M and I were talking the other day about how much we sometimes miss wearing trousers. I joked that the day I get released I am going to jump into my blue jeans and will probably sit like a boy (legs open and sprawled 12 feet in front of me) 24/7 for a month straight! I realized that I could make this an official event. Instead of casual Fridays, it will be Indecent December (the month I come home)! If you are judging, just picture having to live in a skirt for 18 months straight! Just admit it! If you were me, you would do the same thing! :) 

Raps about crepes:
Sis. M informed me that a pair of elders back home wrote a Russian rap about crepes once! Inspiration?! Maybe?! Hmmm! Challenge: Send me your most random and ridiculous rap ideas, I will write a rap about the idea that makes me laugh the most and send home for you to enjoy! 


Tracting Haunted Houses: 

So we were tracting (in the pouring typical English style) when we came across the craziest house ever. There was this ivy, archway/alleyway that led to this home. It looked like a snapshot from the 1800's or something. An old, dusty classic English car parked in an outdoor garage. There was a one-eyed cat hissing and spitting beside the front door. Sis. M and I knocked on it. I almost died. I am convinced that I heard all these weird whoosing noises after we knocked (Ghosts in the house!?? Bleck!). I looked up into the window. There were a bunch of candles lit and random skull heads everywhere! After we had been officially creeped out, and had taken turns grabbing each other from behind and scaring each other to death, I declared that I had no desire to try and find, teach and baptise SATAN in his holiday house, and we booked it out of there!! 

Home improvement:
Fact! If you ever have to assemble a ridiculously complicated carpet cleaner, it is a lot more fun and enjoyable to do so while doing a "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" impression! Tim Allen for the win! We had to spend an hour putting together this beefed up carpet cleaner to use in our old flat. So I had heaps of fun grunting and putting on my thickest American accent as I   pretended to have my own home improvement show! I kept explaining each part to Sis M (that doo-hicky and this doo-dad etc etc) using weird symbolism and analogies! I have concluded that having a home improvement show would be so fun!! Future career?!! (....or maybe I should stick with rapping?!).

Quote of the week (kids say the darnest things!):

Child: Look! Its the sister missionaries and the mister missionaries!!

Haha! So much better than elders! I much prefer mister missionaries now!

Well that is all for this week! I hope everyone continues to enjoy the sunshine (it has been beautiful tan-lines being the evidence of this). Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than being a North American in England! You are one beautiful tan in the midst of a stampeded of paled, sunburn-ness! I love my Brits though! They are the funniest people alive and have won my heart! 

Keep smiling! Know that I love you!! Never forget to go and do a good deed for your local missionaries! It will make their year! :) 

Hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!
Sister Martin :) 

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