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Monday, 9 June 2014

Tomato ketchup guns and Tongan bunk bed jokes!

Quick email today! Going to the Trafford Centre today so we only have an hour on the computer. The Trafford Centre is a massive shopping centre in Manchester that is nicknamed "The Great and Spacious Building"  by the missionaries because it literally does look like a great and spacious building!! :)

My life flashed before my McDonalds?

We were having McD's with a member and her adorable 3 year old son! Well, he thought it would be fun to randomly squeeze his tomato ketchup packet with absolutely no my direction. It literally whizzed right past my forehead-- it got so close to hitting me that I could feel the air of it blow past my forehead!

How's that for having your life flash before your eyes??

Living Out the RM:
So we have our bedding all sorted and replaced now. We lost the double beds (wahhhhh) and got moved to single bunk beds. 10 minutes after we had said goodnight and were lying there, I suddenly had the most hilarious epiphany ever!

I was lying on the bottom bunk....with a Tongan on the top bunk!!

Ummmm HELLO! Exactly like the scene in the RM where Jared gets squashed by the Tongan!!!

I burst out laughing and pointed this out to Sis. Pongi! Safe to say we didn't get to sleep for another 30 mins because we couldn't stop laughing!

Chilled out Tongan on the top bunk. Nerdy white kid on the bottom bunk. Hit like a ton of bricks!

(FYI since then we have pulled apart the bunk beds and converted them into 2 normal single beds! Both of us are now safe, sleeping happily, and are on ground level!)

A man sneezed 6 times in a row on the bus!
The end. I laughed! He is really blessed!!! Fact: it is the strangest thing to hear and witness, who thought it was possible?!

You know you've been serving for too long when.....:
You can describe almost any moment of your day with a quote from an EFY song!

Yup! I have officially hit rock-bottom! My life revolves around EFY songs!!

Noah's Ark:
That is what we got stuck in the other night! Definition of famous last words?:

When you give your investigator your umbrella and tell her that you will be fine because you are only a 15 min walk from home and the rain will PROBABLY hold off until then.....I guess Heavenly Father was chuckling at that and decided to give me the wettest shower of my life!!

Naming my new pub:
I was on exchange and we were talking about English pubs. 2 facts about pubs in the UK:

1. There are about 2 billion pubs in every village! You have not seen pubs until you have moved to the UK.

2. All the pubs here have REALLY strange and silly names! E.g. We live next door to The Old Pear. The White Swan is in another village. There is also The Squirrel. Etc etc.

So we started talking about what we would name a pub if we had the chance! Our top 3 choices:

1. The Pickled Onion (our logic behind this was that the people are so drunk anyways that it wouldn't matter what you named it! As long as it's filled to the brim with beer and ale, they do not care! Once they are drunk, they will think that name is the best thing since sliced bread).

2. Amnesia?:   ...because they won't remember where they are or what they are doing once they get a couple of drinks in them.

3. Dudes and Brews:   because it is catchy and self-explanatory!

So I guess I have a future career in pub naming if I ever fancy such a job! Moral of this story?: Stay in school kids!!!

Renaming companions:
Sis. Pongi has the best name ever! It rhymes with loads of things! A couple of us came up with some new nicknames for her this week:

-Sister Ping Pongi
-Sis. Sing Song Ping Pong-- this name then sparked a conversation about how we should create a musical based on her: PING PONG: THE MUSICAL!!

Scared by a prayer:
So we were having our language study and I was so focused on my studying that I had thought Sis. Pongi had gone upstairs to grab something. 15 mins later she scared the trousers off of me when she suddenly popped up from the ground behind her table (which sits directly opposite from mine). Turns out she had been praying (so she was kneeling and was under the table, out of my viewpoint).

For 15 mins?! Is she really that righteous?! No way! She admitted that she had kept falling asleep and had to restart her prayer 4 times! Thus why she was down there for so long! Classic missionary moment!!

I got mooned by a 3 year old:
So I was playing the piano at church when suddenly a 3 year old boy runs up beside the piano and drops his trousers and pants.

No joke.

I got mooned by a 3 year church! Bet you haven't heard of that one before! Tick that off of my strange missionary experiences list!

Anyways, this computer is about to kick me off so that is it for now!
Hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!
Sister Martin xoxoxo

PS. We have a baptism coming up in 3 weeks! Exciting!!! :) 

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