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Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm expecting again!! Baby #2 here we come!

Transfers have arrived and oh boy have they arrived in style this time!!! So Sister Burridge and both of our elders are leaving......leaving me alone as the most experienced missionary in Carlisle (after only 6 weeks!!). AND.........................Sister Riley is going to be a big sister because I'm training again!!!! I was a bit shocked to be training again so soon (only had a 6 week break from training), but training last time was the most wonderful experience so I'm excited to get to do it again!! She is the only sister entering out mission this transfer, so it will be interesting to see how it will be this time around (won't have other sister trainers around me this time to compare notes and ideas with). Maybe I'll finally get my first American companion in the field??!?!!! Time will tell!

The scary part is that I'm going to be the oldest missionary in the area. An elder from Sister Riley and Burridge's group is going to be training a missionary in Carlisle (we'll have 2 new missionaries out here). I'm starting to feel a bit old in the mission. I trained the trainers group and the trainer's trainees group. That probably sounded like gibberish......i.e. time is going wayyyyyyyyyyy too fast out here!!!

Besides that I hate to report that this has been a boring week. No weird stories or crazy loaves and fishes type miracles! Our week mostly consisted of holidays (we didn't work much over New Years), eating wayyyy to much food (I feel like I'm working on food baby number 12 after all the holiday dinners...cheaper by the dozen anyone?!), packing, more packing and me being on an exchange in Preston for a couple of days!

Funny Vancouverite Joke:
A brother in our branch served in Vancouver on his mission and told me that there was a scripture in the BOM about Vancouver. I love studying the history and geography of the BOM, so I found this surprising as this made absolutely no sense to me (I couldn't recall any reference that would lead me to believe that west coast N. America was an area in the BOM....certainly South American and southern parts of N. America....but not our neck of the woods).

Alma 17:26......"as he was with the Lamanitish servants going forth with their flocks to the place of water, which was called the water of Sebus....."   

It took me a minute but then it clicked. Sebus......Sea Bus!!! Har har har (knee slap!!).

Preston is a blessed place:
I was blessed to go on exchange to Preston last week! I love being there! There is a special feeling there as I remember how much history was made in this great city! This is the place where the first baptisms happened in England in the River Ribble. This is the place where thousands were converted, and a major area where the church began to establish itself in its infancy! I had a wonderful time serving there! I got to serve with a fellow Canadian (from southern Alberta of course!!!) and we had fun talking about cultural similarities and differences and sharing our Christmas Canadian chocolate! (Caramilk and Eat More= heaven!!!)

Highlight of my exchange was visiting the home of a family from Spain, Bolivia and a handful of other Spanish speaking countries (they moved a lot). They are active members of the Preston ward and the sisters read the BOM with them to help them work on their English!! They were convinced that I had to be spanish as soon as I walked in the door! As soon as they saw my name-badge, they got so excited! "You have a Spanish name! Who in your family is Spanish?!?!". They then asked my first name and got even more excited "Your first name is so Spanish too!!!!! You must be spanish!! You don't look white enough to not be Spanish!!!". Hilarious! I had to disappoint them and tell them I'm about as white as you can get (a healthy blend of Scotland and England all the way back to forever!).

I also received the most wonderful compliment of the week. The father was telling us about his mission and talking about sister missionaries. Back then, obviously there weren't many sisters, and the ones who did serve were often strange in some way or another. He was telling us about this Tongan sister who was so big that she broke all the beds in the flats and made the elders look like babies. Him and his wife then told me that I am so skinny and a wonderful height in comparison to the Tongan's they've met. I almost cried! After 700 Christmas dinners, that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me ;) lesson I'm glad I've learned-- Can't change it so embrace and love it! I love being the tall girl! :)

Hope everyone's' New Year is full of miracles and wonderfully failed weight-loss goals ;) But seriously! I pray that the love of Christ can touch the lives of all this year!! And for real, I hope this year is full of motivating, successful goals that involve helping your local missionaries ;) ;) ****HINT HINT***

But SERIOUSLY!! Happy New Year!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!

Hope the time goes quickly for you and slowly for me!
<3 Sister Martin

Some pictures of Carlisle...

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Castle
House on the Scotland Border - proudly claims to be the 1st house in Scotland
....also proudly claims to be the last house in Scotland (depending on if you are going in or out of Scotland)
....lots of people like to get married here
Proof that Scotland is literally on her doorstep

River near Scotland border that is flooded

Gotta love this sign!

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