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Monday, 16 December 2013

A week of droppings.....of the investigator and temperature variety

Guess what?! I still love being a missionary! For some reason I don't think that will shock anybody, but I just love having the opportunity to publicly announce that as much as possible!! It has been a strange, strange week. I feel like I'm bad luck! We had our 2 baptisms, and then the few investigators that they did have went and all dropped us this week. So the way luck has it, we have nobody to teach right now. But with enough faith and miracles, that will be changing this week!!!!

Highlight reel begins...................NOW!:

I now write plays:
That's right. You heard it. Me: the most uncreative, unartistic person on planet earth, has spear-headed a skit! I'll pause for a minute so those who know me well can quickly pick up their jaws...................ok..........We have our mission home Christmas party this week and each district has to perform a skit. The instructions were that we must make President Preston laugh and be entertained. Challenge accepted. I had remembered a youtube video that I had seen before the mission, where boys play out a scene as if they were girls and vise versa (video is by Harvard sail team if I remember correctly). So that inspired our coming skit: If elders were sisters and sisters were elders. We have a district with 6 elders and ourselves. Our elders are all crazy, and therefore this could be the most genius thing ever. So many bad jokes! Pretty much I have created an open floor for us to completely insult and imitate each other!!! This should be good!!

Harry Potter and Hoovering:
So we were doing service for a senior sister. I was happily hoovering away, minding my own business when suddenly I locked eyes with Voldemort!! AHHH! She has massive Harry Potter figurines in her china cabinet! Ewwww. They were so realistic and I literally screamed. the center of her display was Hagrid and Voldemort (but there was no Harry, Ron, or Hermione........what is up with that?!). Creepy. Just another day in the mission.

Spotlight night:
So we have a spotlight night in our district where we all get to ask one person a question each. This week's spotlight was priceless. Highlights:
Question: "Elder G. You are between a rock and a hard place. What direction do you go?"

Question: "Elder G. Would you rather kick a cat, or a 14 year old chav?"
Answer: "Can I kick the cat into the 14-year old chav?!"

I have a man jumper!:
So before my mission I promised myself that I would never turn into one of those "fuddy duddy", frumpy sister missionaries that has completely let go of herself and does not care how she looks. Sadly, I think I have finally turned into one! I bought a man sweater last week! It is starting to get really cold/wet/rainy, and I noticed that men's jumpers are 12 times thicker than women's ones. So I bought the most feminine looking one possible and now wear it 24/7. I use it almost like a lining for my coat! No shame! I am the warmest missionary in the EMM now! Take that fashion world! I may be frumpy, and fat, and tired, but on the bright side I have rock solid calves (helloooooooooooo walking), a rock solid testimony, and a rock solid self-esteem that does not limit my choice in jumpers. .....................that being said, if anybody loves me, they'll get me a gym membership next Christmas so I can shake the mission weight asap!!! Not fun!

Our new, genius game-plan:
The elders had a breakthrough this week. We will just relate everything in the gospel to star wars and lord of the rings. Apparently we are going to baptise all of Carlisle now. My favourite analogies:

The force= the spirit
Light-sabre= the BOM
Gollom= Cain ("he just walks around being all creepy and weird and doing bad stuff)

I refuse to share anymore. I can't bring myself to do it. Too many bad jokes. Have to admit that Gollom was my favourite analogy!

Edna from the Incredibles came to church!:
We had a community choir perform at our chapel Sat night, and we spent the whole week going door-to-door inviting all the neighbours to attend. A couple of neighbours actually showed up. Even more exciting?! One of them looked exactly like Edna from the Incredibles! The elders and I found it hilarious!!!!!!! Another lady at the event also looked and talked exactly like Professor Umbridge....the elders were kind enough to make me laugh at inappropriate moments as they did impressions of her. I love finding random, inappropriately timed connections/symbolism in church. Keeps things exciting!

That's all I've got this week. We pretty much spent the whole week walking, and walking, and walking, and walking from cancelled appointment to cancelled appointment. This means that this week is going to be great though!! (what goes down must come up!) I'm so excited! What a wonderful time of year to be a missionary! I am blessed!!!!!!!!

Hope the time goes quickly for you and a slowly for me!!
XX Sister Martin

Erika finally sent another batch of pictures from the last few months....

What happens when we're broke at the end of the month :)

One seater car...

View of the Wrekin (the mountain/hill near Telford)

What Erika could see from her flat in Teford

British yogurt is the best!!!

Aussie Companion = Vegemite


CORSE spotting....

Best District ever....3 of the elders were in the MTC with Erika

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