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Monday, 21 October 2013

Erika has been grounded by her Mission President!

We are winter clothes shopping this week (the weather out here is a lovely blend of wet, cold, wet, windy, wet, freezing, and more can imagine how much my lovely Aussie companion has appreciated this weather), therefore I will probably not have time to respond to emails today-- sorry y'all!

We have more rolls than Greggs: (Editor's note from Erika's Mom - Greggs is a large bakery chain in the UK!)
WE ARE GETTING FAT!!! We have more chins than a Chinese phone book! I think the members are trying to fatten us up and kill us (they won't even have to worry about making the effort to sharpen their butcher knives to go for the kill, our clogged arteries will do the work for them!). We are probably going to stop doing tea appointments (or seriously cut back) soon, because it is getting ridiculous! I didn't realize how many members actually pretty much force-feed you second helpings, and massive portions of dessert! NOT OK!!! Ahhhhhh this week we will be focusing on boosting our thin self-esteems haha!

I'm Grounded:
Fun fact: missionaries can get grounded! President Preston has put me on semi house-arrest for at least a week. He said he had to do it because he knew I wouldn't slow down on my own! I've been working so hard that my stress levels have been crazy high for over a month and it's making me sick. Booooooo! So the motto of this week is R&R! Lots of Ensigns......lots of lovely music......lots and lots of sleeping....and almost no appointments (except for tea they can keep making us fat....and appointments that are absolutely necessary). It's literally the complete opposite of missionary life right now and it's sooooo weird!! Pray that I will get back on my feet fast so I can get back in the game!!

We Saw a CORSE!
We went for a lovely walk in the countryside the other day (no joke.....this is my life now!) and we saw a CORSE!!! It seriously looked like a horse and a cow produced offspring!!!!!! It was a horse, but it was super fat, and was spotted exactly like a cow!!!!!! Truly, the small things in life can entertain a missionary!!!!

We found a waffle iron in our flat a few weeks back (that's like UNHEARD of! Missionaries do NOT get nice things like waffle irons, but we are seriously in the best flat ever!!) so we had a waffle night! We bought real Canadian Maple Syrup (apparently). Not as good as home, but they tried :) The waffles were amazing! All they needed were strawberries and whipped cream and they would have been ace!

Missionaries are attracted to only weird people:
That's how it seems most of the time! We meet the strangest human beings. We had an appointment and she told us all about how she was super sick the other day. She told us about how she "was being sick, and weeing and pooing all over the place....1st in my bedroom, then in my bathroom, then in my kitchen, even on these chairs (pointing to the living room furniture we are so lucky to be sitting on)...there was wee and sick and poo everywhere!!". As we were inwardly gagging and wanting to develop the sudden ability to apparate (BAZINGA! Bad Harry Potter joke!), she then told us how she ate a snap pea the other day, and there was a slug in it. She then offered us 2 BANANAS that were getting ripe and she couldn't eat in time! That was it! We were in tears laughing when we left! Yes, people are different, but they sure do make for a good laugh in the middle of all of this chaos!!!!!! Appreciating the small, crazy moments!!!!

Anyways...because I have been grounded, I don't have much to report! I'll try and spice up my email next week for you! Pray that I can start sleeping and be obedient and rest like I'm supposed to!

Hope the time goes fast for you, and slow for me <3
Your grounded missionary, Sister Martin

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