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Monday, 23 September 2013

Estella got baptized and yes Erika sang at it!!

OK!! Spent way to much time responding to emails today, so this will be a quick one!

ADRIA'S GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!! That was the absolute highlight of my week. Nothing more pathetic than me soaking Sister Cleary's floor with my tears of happiness! (Erika was able to watch Adria's mission call opening on Wednesday) I'm so proud and happy that my sister will soon be on the same continent as me, and enjoying the best work that a person could ever do!!

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estella got baptized!!!!! It was beautiful!!!!! In classic missionary style, I had to give the baptismal talk with (literally) 3 minutes notice, because the person assigned to give the talk bailed very last minute. I'm glad God blessed me with a gift for gab---- I was able to give a 10+ minute talk, with only 3 mins to prepare. I literally picked my 3 favourite scriptures of the week, and just improvised on the spot!!!!! I sang......the windows didn't shatter and everyones' eardrums did not rupture, so that's a good sign!!!! It truly was so beautiful! I can't describe the joy I felt!!!! S. Riley and I were in tears together as Estella was baptized!! I'm so sad that Estella leaves for Cambridge this week! We have become such good friends! I have gotten so close with her family! It's been truly beautiful to see a part-member family become more unified from this event! Now we just have to get Estella's younger brother to get baptized (he wants to be baptized so bad, his dad just won't give day it'll happen!!!!!!!). I dream of this family being sealed together in the temple one day!!!!!!!!!!!!! With lots of faith and work, I know it can happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official count of banana bread: 9 loaves!
We have perfected and memorized our recipe (the final product now has nutella mixed into the batter....enough said!). We are becoming the favourites of many sweet-toothed members out here!!!!

More bananas:
So we went to Manchester for a day of workshops!!! We did an activity at the end of the day, where we were given random items and had to use them to extend a baptismal invitation a role-playing partner. We switched items and partners every 30 seconds, so you had to think so fast on your feet!! So during lunch that day, I had told a bunch of sisters the whole banana mix-up! They thought it was hilarious!!!!!!! Well, Sister Lau was running to find a partner to role-play with. Without looking up and realizing it was me, she ran up to me with her plastic banana! She looked up, and we both burst out laughing.....we literally were in tears for about 3 minutes!! I love this mission! Everyone has the best sense of humour!!!

Our ward mission leader should be American:
Seriously!!!! Our missionary meeting this week consisted of us chomping on salsa, chips, a bunch of American sweets, and hot wings. Our meeting began after we talked about hockey and american football for 45 minutes......It's so entertaining!!!

Sick of being sick:
So I've been sick as a dog for the last 3 feel free to send some prayers my way. I was SO irritated that we had to lose proselyting time because of it! We have been so busy teaching that the thought of cancelling lessons made me more sick than my sickness!!!!!!!

Exchanges: We had exchanges with Stafford Sisters this week. S. Hansen's trainee- Sister Barney from Utah (big surprise there!). Sis. B is just as sarcastic as me, and is a total fireball! No fear! I decided to take advantage of this and take her out for 4 hours of finding!! We got 5 solid potential investigators, and one new investigator!!! Amazing!!!!!!! It was a quick exchange, but wonderful!!!!

Australian phrase of the week:
Don't feel like going to work, so I'm calling in sick.....TRANSLATION.......chucking a sicki because I have a heado.        I love discovering these Australian phrases everyday!!!!!!!! Sis. Riley has started making a list of phrases that I say ALLLLL the time.. we are keeping track of them on an official paper, which now is taped up on our wall. I'll share them with you next week :)

So terrible, but I have run out of time!!! I was so behind on answering some important emails today! Next weeks email will be better!!!!!! 

Love Sister Martin 

PS:  Erika sent a few pictures that refer to experiences in previous blog entries so they have been added (Smores, trip to the pageant, etc).

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