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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Some pictures!!

A bonus post because Erika mailed us a letter that had pictures!!

Erika still hasn't gotten things sorted out with transferring her pictures from her camera onto the public computers that she gets to use so in the meantime she mailed a few to us which I have scanned.

Sister Martin and Elder Pace at the MTC June 12, 2013
The background story:  Elder Pace is the grandson of a couple, Ken and Margaret McLean 
that Erika's Grandpa Mitchell helped teach the gospel to when he was about Erika's age.  It was
 exciting and so full-circle to learn that their grandson and Erika would be serving in the same
 mission and actually both reported on the same day - May 30th. 

 Erika eating borscht

At Ironbridge

On Canada Day

Sister Martin and Sister Shchur

 Sisters Martin, Wolfe, Klemm, Hubbard and Hansen

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